Keep It Super Simple.
The Lesson I use in outcome is Keep It Super Simple or ‘KISS’ as my lecturer tells me. 
"Butler is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a subtle, minimalistic approach. His work fixates on the significance of clarity in content, while upholding an uncompromising attitude towards achieving figurativism in a minimalistic art form.” 
These images he creates is a fine illustration of female figures in a room however, the figures have been positioned above the background; although this technique is very common what differentiates Butler from other artists that use this technique is his quality and delicacy of line he displays. 
I was heavily inspired by the technique butler uses and this led me to create my own twist on his work. However, the tools I used are from the regular pen and paper. I used an App called ‘AutoSketch' on my iPhone and the Stylus by FiftyThree as my ‘pen’. I took an of my self and imported it into the app, I created a new layer and with a very small brush I zoomed and traced the outlines of my self as close tot he picture as I possibly could. For detail I change the colour to a softer grey to add in the texture of the clothes I was wearing in the image.
Once I was happy with the outline of myself, I scoured for images of bathrooms that look elegant and minimal, I am trying to emulate Butlers designs and there a common theme in his work that is very minimal and very clean and keeping it super simple. The two images above are the ones I chose to superimpose myself on to and the result truly exceeded my expectations.
I chose the second image as my final as I felt the colour palette was more simple along with this, the correlation between my outcome and the artist research I had done; the influence is heavily present and I believe my lesson carries through.
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