Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
Adobe After Effects is an industry standard software package for creating digital motion graphics, visual effects, animation and compositing. After Effects is primarily used by digital artists, graphic designers and animators to create work for film and television e.g title or credit sequences, but its outputs are now commonly found in web content too.
We were tasked to create a very brief, 10 seconds or less, simple composition using any footage that we have taken that we felt gave a good idea of the things that represent us and the way we can indent ourselves into a video format. Mine was a simple video of my friends lighting a rolled up cigarette.
The experience form using this programme was similar tot he feelings I had towards InDesign, I knew what After Effects was, but I have never used it before. After creating this indent about my self I feel more comfortable using Adobe After Effects, Although I can’t fully comprehend the entirety of the Programme, I am happy with my outcome and I know it’s a strong piece considering it was my first time using the software. 

Starting off, I made the new composition the correct size format, the universal format for video is 1920x1080 and the the aspect ratio is 16:9. In layman terms, this is known as ‘Widescreen’ and is used mainly on Monitors, TVs, etc. 

Once I got the correct composition, I began to add my name and some shapes to give the video some depth, after all this was MY Indent, I wanted my Indent to be short, create an atmosphere almost. I put my name in the bottom right hadn’t corner and to maker the composition look more like a traditional video, I added a rolling timestamp that continued for the length of the video.
The three rectangles draw the viewers eye as I made them overlap one another and then progressively space out during the video, This was done using key-framing and anchor points. I made original footage and this is the end result…

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