Innovation As Communication
This was a group task and the topic we were given was at random, the topic we were given was 'Non smoking',

Once we came ups with a few ideas, we had narrowed the topic into focusing more on the environmental aspect of smoking compared to the health side of things, this was quite difficult to do in the beginning because of our secondary research concluded that a lot of non-smoking campaigns focus mainly on health and we didn't find the appeal on this. 

A team member came up with this villa concept and when asked for the feedback we instructed that this would be the most practical way to move forward in the campaign. A regular smoking room that would have the vents hidden, but leading to another area which contained an abundance of plants and greenery and over time eh the negative impact of all the smoke would be revealed to the smokers and they would witness what they're smoking would do the environment. 

We did secondary research and found a few articles providing a foundation and validity to our efforts:
After this, we decided to conduct our own primary research creating a short survey on survey monkey which really helped gain an insight of what people thought of smoking.

Feedback from the survey we created.
Once we had our visual concept and research done, we started creating tasks for what to show as outcomes and the starting point was creating a logo for our campaign and we decided what our service would be called "Green Room."

I created this to clearly illustrate what our end service would look like, I created this concept of Illustrator using simply the pen tool. But we did a vote in our group and decided to go for another teams members instead, which to be quite frank, I prefer.

After we had the logo decided upon, we started to get into the task of creating the outcome. This was started off by thinking of the main visual concept and then condensing it down on to a smaller scale, we used Jars, tubing and a small little plant with cigarettes.
For the filming aspect of this brief, we had to create a script and storyboard to help us visualize what we have to film, 
“A leading contributor to Air Pollution…”
{clip 1: slow-mo of smoke in Jar}
“A hazard to more than just yourself…”
{clip 2: busy street - outdoor smokers}
“A danger to our green Earth…”
{clip 3: smoke in plant jar)
“An everyday activity to many, ten times more harmful than diesel car exhausts, containing and emitting atmospheric-polluting chemicals…”
{clip 4: time-lapse of plant ‘choking’ asterisk with small explanation of study “*as shown in a comparative study - Chiavenna” bottom of screen}
{clip 5: pan down to cigarette as cause of smoke}
“To show the direct effect that smoking causes to our planet, smokers will now be held accountable for the damage they cause to plant life
The Green Room is the new compulsory smoking area, where individuals will be witnesses to the impact that their smoking has on the environment
A glass room, with a vent that leads directly into a once lush garden, fueled only by the smoking rooms air”
Save Yourself, The Environment.

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