How I learnt to Clipping Mask.
For my second outcome on the summative I focused on the lesson of ‘I Learnt How to Clipping Mask’ and I based this on Graphic Designer, Paul Rand. Paul designed packaging and marketing products for the company IBM at the start of the early 1970s until the early 1980’s. He was a well known Eye-Bee-M poster which he had created for the company around this time. Being as this was in the 70’s photoshop didn’t exist, so these were created through the use of screen printing or painting. During his design career, he designed many logos that are still currently in use.

Whilst designing the UPS logo, he set himself a challenge, to transform the out-of-date shield into something more modern. He replaced the upper case with lower case letters and positioned a drawing of a package on top the original shield. He says that this is the only design that he had done, and if you show them more than two ideas then you weaken your position. Before presenting any of his work he’d often do about fifty different sketches. 
Unlike my previous outcome, I am putting my lesson as the actual outcome. I opened Illustrator and using the typeface ‘Futura’ and after vectorising the type, I tweaked the words to leave smaller gaps in between and to make a type hierarchy more visible. 

Once I was happy with the word placement and grouping. I moved over to Photoshop and became to work on my final outcome for this lesson.  I found a pinstripe vector on the internet and decided to add it into my work, the pinstripe overlay gives dimension to the otherwise dull; upper part of the sentence. To demonstrate the use of the clipping mask and the lesson I learnt, I began to draw circle shapes and then clipping mask them into the background of the words “Clipping Masking” I used a multitude of vibrant colours and when once I was happy with the colours and the position of each shape that had been Clipping Masked, this was the end result…
Using the pin layer style really improved the tones for the colours and how well they all look when placed beside one another and this the overall results is pleasing. 
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