"Shelter’s virtual fundraising product attracts new supporters by enabling them to complete a fitness challenge with no time or location restraints, whilst also raising money for the charity. Unlike other virtual fundraising products already available, Shelter offers runners the opportunity to be a part of their already established and popular ‘rush’ challenge events series on their own terms."
After we had our insights and the ideas, we brainstormed for visuals.
We worked on the Rush my way, coming up with a more relevant in accordance to tutor feedback, We agreed upon DUEL RUSH, this falls along the lines of the idea being more direct and adding similarities between gamification and the rush portfolio events. 
Updated and finalised design.
I used Adobe XD to create a functioning demo to show the client.
A captured run through of our app mockup showing the end experience of our concept.
Stills captured from within the mockup.
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